Easy Dental Extractions (yes, for real!)


Having a tooth removed is no fun at all. Having a wisdom tooth removed is even scarier. But it doesn’t have to be.

Over the years I have collected a few tricks that I’d like to share with you. I just had a wisdom tooth removed ten days ago. I applied all my little tricks: no swelling, barely any pain, no need for pain medication at all…and I was eating Mac & Cheese six hours after the extraction. When my dentist removed the stitches on Tuesday he was blown away how well everything had healed.

Here it is. Try it out if you need it, pass it on to a friend who might need it and let me know how it goes:

1. Make your appointment according to the lunar calendar. What? Yes, that’s right! We all know how the moon governs the tides. In Europe, we have been harvesting, cutting wood, collecting herbs, cutting hair etc all according to the lunar cycle. Our bodies have a very high water content, so the moon will of course influence the waters in our body. The best time to have a tooth extracted is during the waning moon. The waning moon is a great time to get rid of things, even wisdom teeth, and supports the energy of letting go. Just make sure the moon is not moving through taurus or an air sign such as aquarius, gemini, or libra. A wonderful book with more information about the lunar cycles is “The Art of Timing” by Johanna Paugger and Thomas Poppe. For their website, please click HERE. There is also an app that goes with the book.

2. Essential oils. Here is my “first aid kit for teeth” of essential oils. (Please make sure to get a high quality oil!)

- Clove: great for all dentist visits. you can even put it on your tooth and gums before the extraction to start numbing out the area. helps to prevent and get rid of dental pain.

- Lavender: prevents/calms down swelling.

- Thyme: is a great anti-microbial oil. fabulous to prevent any bacteria or viruses from infecting the area.

- Peppermint: a great oil to stop the pain.

- Wintergreen: will help you rebuild your gums.

- Frankincense: a fabulous oil for energetic clearing.

You can either drizzle the oils on a cotton ball, put it in the affected area and bite on it or rub them on the outside of your mouth in the area of the extraction. Some of the oils are “hot” oils, which means they can burn a bit, so I like to dilute them with some castor oil. Click HERE for more information on the oils.

3. Do some energy work on the tooth. I always like to thank my tooth for all the years of good service, to have been a part of my life and then allow it to go with ease and grace. After the extraction I imagine healing energy coming into the area and visualize the extraction area already completely healed.

4. Homeopathics. My doctor usually recommends Traumeel (as drops- to take orally) as it contains arnica which is a fabulous remedy for all kinds of swelling and pain as well as Hypericum Perforatum which eases the nerve pain. Just make sure to check with a health care professional regarding these remedies.

5. Get a lot of rest. Very important. Rest. Sleep. Watch some funny movies. Nurture yourself as it helps to speed up your bodies healing process.

Wishing you only easy extractions from now on!

The information contained in this article is for general information purposes only. The author does not dispense or prescribe any medical advice or any technique as a form of treatment for any medical, emotional or physical condition without the advice of a licensed physician, either directly or indirectly. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, success, suitability or availability with respect to the information contained in the book for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

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Go out and find your true calling!!!


I think I might have gotten myself a parking ticket. Dang it! I ran to my car, but saw the ticket guy already putting my car info into his little machine.

“Those darn parking ticket guys. Idiots!!….” And many more other thoughts and words were crossing my mind.

Then, “No don’t go there, stay in the space of love.”

“Ok, let’s send him some unconditional love.” Sending. Visualizing. “He’s still an idiot.” Is my next thought. The “staying in a place of love” thing is not working.

So I do what is usually do with my clients and start asking myself: “What are you learning from this? If you were to go into judgement: what is the good/positive that you’re learning from the bad/negative?”

What comes to me is: “Staying in a place of unconditional love no matter what??”

“No, that’s still not it.”

“He’s teaching me how to stay grounded, centered, in a space of love even when facing a negative situation?”

“Read his energy.” I hear.

So I do. And that’s when it shifts. Reading his energy, all it see is an empty shell….so much sadness, the energy of giving up on life, no ounce of happiness and joy. I can only feel compassion.

I am being told ” This man has a gift to work with his hands. He can make the grandest things our of wood, he is an amazing carpenter, and he’d be a great teacher, passing his skills on to others. But he was never encouraged to do so. The opposite: he was talked down, made fun of….now he feels unworthy of his gifts. He never had the courage to follow his dreams. So now what he does is work a job that gives him enough money to get by and he’s given up on life and joy.”


Now, how many of you are facing a similar situation. Are you happy with your life? Are you happy with your job? Are you following your dreams? Are you living your passion? Do you have the courage to make your dreams come true? Or are you working a job that is safe, convenient, that you were expected to work?

I look at the way most people were raised:
Were you encouraged to find your gifts?
Was it ok for you to be different?
Were you rewarded when you came up with an original idea, stayed true to yourself and did what was in your heart?
Were you told that your dreams matter?
Were you allowed to follow your heart?

Or where you told to live your life according to other people’s expectations?
Were you made fun of if you had an idea that was different from what was expected of you?
Were you told that your ideas are silly? That your dreams are just dreams? That they don’t matter?
Where you told that it is selfish to follow what’s in your heart?

I know that many of us might have experienced more of the latter.

But here’s the thing: only you have the power to make your dreams come true. Only you have the choice of giving your power away to others and letting them dictate your life or to actually stand in your power and follow your dreams!

Some of you might not even remember what your dreams are.

Take a journal. Write in it. Meditate. Ask for Divine Guidance. Ask for a sign to show you your path. Tune into what you’d like to do. What would make you happy. The answer will come. And then follow through with it. Follow your dreams. I believe that the universe doesn’t give us a gift or talent without giving us the tools to make it happen. The opposite: the moment we re-align ourselves with our Divine Putpose, the universe will conspire to give us anything we need to walk this path.

Don’t think that you need to earn your right to be happy! That you will take something away from others if you get that dream job. I believe that if we all followed our passion, if we all aligned ourselves with our Divine purpose, competition would fall out of the equation. We wouldn’t have to compete with others because each person has their own individual gift or talent. Each person has their place in the world. If we all took our place, we wouldn’t be taking it away from others, and they wouldn’t take ours. So no competition!

I stick to what I wrote in my book “The Prosperity Program Workbook”: find your gifts, find your passion, follow your dreams and the world be become a much happier place.

Now go, find out your true calling, find your place in this world and make the world a bit happier :)

I am finishing with a quote by a beautiful dancer and amazing human being, Martha Graham: “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.”


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Summer solstice is here!


The sun has reached its highest peak and it is our longest day of the year. You are looking at the sun with its light at its strongest point. The sun illuminates, brings out was cannot be seen in the dark, warmth the earth and helps with growth.

The summer solstice festival is also known as the festival of Litha, an ancient Germanic name for the sun. It has been celebrated in many traditions since ancient times. It is the festival of expansion, love, passion, life, fertility, growth, joy and celebration. We are honoring the life-giving energy of the sun before the days are getting shorter.

Spring has been the time of planting our seeds. Not only do we sow the seeds into the soil, but it is the energetic awakening after the winter.

Now solstice is here. It is a time to reflect on how your growth has been over the past months. What did you plant in your life and how has it been developing? Are the seeds growing the way you had planned? Are you moving into the right direction?

The sun will help you shed a light on that path and growth. Is there anything that needs to be re-aligned? What aspects in your life can you nourish in order for them to expand? What in your life needs more attention and love in order to develop at its fullest capacity?

Take a look at your life and contemplate those questions as aligning yourself and your life at the time of solstice will help you grow into the right direction for the harvest time in the fall.

Would you like to receive a free meditation for the solstice? Then sign up for our newsletter at http://www.AvalonHealing.de by 4pm on June 20.

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Ancient Wisdom Series: Moon Cycles

20140613-174231-63751066.jpgIt has been amazing to me how much wisdom has been resurfacing over the past years. One of the centers I teach at twice a year also has a book store and I am always blown away when the owner tells me how much new titles have come out on the market since my last visit.

One of the wisdoms I have been working with for years is the energy of the moon cycle. Many of that knowledge has been forgotten, but it is now resurfacing more and more. I think I came across it the first time in the late 1990s.

We have watched the moon influence the tides. If you are a surfer here in California, you will probably have your surf calendar that tells you the best tides according to the moon.

And now think about it: the water content of our bodies is a good 75%-plus/minus. So if the moon can influence the tides, it for sure can influence the water in our bodies.

Coming from a small town in Europe, a lot of the knowledge about working in alignment with the moon has been preserved. People would cut down trees for fire wood use during a cycle where the truest stores less water, so that the wood had a better burn quality; they’d cut down trees for building during times when the tress stored more water, so it would be safer to build and the chance of a fire would be less likely.

If you cut your hair when the moon passes through Leo or Virgo, your hair will become stringer and thicker. You shouldn’t have a dental surgery on days when the moon passes through Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. It is more beneficial to have dental treatments during a waning moon phase.

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I made sure it was on a day that made it easy according to the moon cycle. Guess what, two hours after the surgery I was eating English muffins. No swelling, no pain!

The waning moon cycle is associated with anything that you’d like to get rid of: spring clean (get rid of clutter), cleanse (get rid of toxins or extra weight), releasing old habits. The waxing moon is a great time to bring in new energy, start new projects, do anything to rejuvenate your body.

If you’re getting a massage to detox your body, then make the appointment during a waning moon phase; if you’d like to receive a message as a way to rejuvenate, then plan to have it during a waxing moon cycle.

Tip for today: we have a full moon is Sagittarius today. A great time to start a cleanse. Take 1-2 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water right before you go to bed. Do that for one week every night before you go to sleep. It will detox and also Alkalize your body.


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What the heck is going on? Current energy shifts!!


Most of you (if not all of you) who are reading my blog are sensitive to energies, are empathic and can feel when shifts are happening. So you might have felt something similar to, I would call it, a volcanic explosion, especially over the past ten days.

If you’re following other blogs on the internet you might be aware of the portal opening that happened last week and the cardinal cross that happened this week. There’s more portal openings and interesting stellar constellations going over the next weeks, so get ready.

But why is the current energy so explosive?

I don’t know about you, but I have not seen that many car accidents and heard that many sirens for a long time as I’ve witnessed over the last days. Clients and friends of mine have reported that they haven’t felt like themselves for days now.

So here’s what I have been shown:

With the current energies (no matter is it is the opening of certain portals or stellar constellations) the throat chakra of this universe has been re-opened. It had been closed for a long time. As you might know, the throat chakra stands for our expressiveness, expressing the truth of who we are, feeling safe to express our emotions, expressing our creative spark….. But over centuries and even millennia we have not been able to do so fully and completely.

With the way our world has been set up it wasn’t safe for us. Many of us have memories of lifetimes where we got killed, punished, ridiculed or persecuted for speaking our truth. Men were taught that is is weak to show emotions. We were taught that is it not socially acceptable to express our anger. We learned that we need to live up to the expectations of others, confirm to the norm of society or group consciousness, be a “good boy” or “good girl” in order to be loved instead of being encouraged to follow our dreams. All these energies and circumstances have contributed to the closing of our throat chakras.

And now imagine, all these unexpressed dreams, emotions and truths that have been stuffed down for millennia coming to the surface with the re-opening of the universal throat chakra. That is the explosiveness that you’ve been feeling. Anger that you were unable to express because it wasn’t safe or appropriate is now coming up. Frustration and pain about not being able in the past to express who we truly are is surfacing. Even love that we were unable to live or express and the pain associated with not having lived  love the way we might have wanted to is part of all this explosion. 

But let’s not go into judgement about this as everything is already perfect. The experiences we have or had were all a part of the evolutionary learning of our soul in the construct of what we call duality. As we are moving back into unity consciousness it is now time to finish these learnings and move back into expressing the Divinity of our souls.

If we were forced to stuff down our emotions for so long, we are now feeling liberated and are slowly moving into the safety of expressing ourselves. In that process we might be over correcting a bit. Instead of expressing anger with love, we might feel like we want to scream. 

The best thing to do at the moment though is to first stay grounded. Tune in to your connection with Gaia. Feel the grounding cords underneath your feet and feel into the loving energy of Mother Earth. 

Then tune into the energy of your body and chakras. Where is that old residue stored (besides the throat chakra)? Ask your guardian angels, spirit guides or divine source to heal those wounds, to release those stored emotions (especially the pain) and fill it with love. You might also want to humm and with that sound heal the memories of those experiences. 

Third of all, you might be aware of what is going on, but not everybody in the world is. And you, as an empathic being, might be feeling and even taking on the emotions, especially the pain, that has been surfacing. Throughout the day, it is important to check in that you are impervious to everyone else’s “release”, as I would call it. That you learn to discern between what’s yours and what’s someone else’s. Surround yourself with a ball of white light. Ask your angels or divine source to protect you. Start tuning into the energy of the people you come across so that your system learns discernment between your energy and other people’s energy. 

And most of all, take care of yourself. Make sure you create a sacred space for yourself where you have some quiet time, to do things to nurture your soul and play or create. Connect with nature. Learn how to love yourself.


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Becoming accountable


I remember how excited I was the first time I saw the movie “The Secret”. The message was loud and clear: you can create anything with your thoughts! Our reality- or what it is that we perceive as our reality- has been created by our thoughts, the conscious as well as the unconscious ones, the positive as well as the negative ones (I am going into separating negative and positive over here to keep it simple, although I usually like to stay away from the judgement of positive and negative since all is creation). Some of these thought patterns we are very conscious of, some of them are unconscious. 

For the past years I have learned to look at life from the perspective of co-creation. And that whatever I think (or whatever I have thought in the past) will represent itself in my life as my reality. I have done loads of belief work on myself. Finding and changing and resolving unconscious beliefs, emotions, lessons, oaths, commitments and finalizing what we would call Karma. 

I remember when I first started doing this work. I would meet up with friends of mine once or twice a week and we would look at what is was that we wanted to change in our lives. What was going on in our “reality” that no longer served us and that needed to be changed. Sometimes we would show up at each other’s houses and something had happened the day of, the day before or an hour before. We would be upset and complain. We would allow ourselves a few minutes of time to vent. To let out the anger or upset. But then we would say, “Ok, let’s take a look at what created this. And let’s change the beliefs so we are done with this pattern.” And so we did.

i have worked on many issues like that over the years. No matter if it was a financial issue, problems at the job, relationships and things like colds or sciatica pain, I started looking at why I created that. What, on a conscious or unconscious level, did attract that situation? 

Energetically it is time for us to step into our accountability and start looking at our lives from a point of co-creation. Every single one of us has the power to change their reality by changing their thought patterns.

Too often have we moved into the role of victim and complained why people are doing things to us. Why we are being hurt, betrayed, abandoned, why no one loves us the way we are or supports us without an ulterior motive. Why is it that we are sick, why our finances are not working out or why we have to work a job we don’t like?

I have found that no one is doing anything to us without our permission. We are not stuck or unloved because the world is cruel, but because on some level (and it might be deeply unconscious) we have a program running that is attracting these circumstances or people. Before we were born our soul chose to learn certain lessons, but once we are in physical form we usually forget what these lessons are, we forget the agreements with made with other souls to teach each other (even if it is in a painful manner) and we forget how powerful of a co-creator we really are. 

I invite you that the next time you experience a negative situation take a look at what you are learning, what unconscious programs you might be running, what was it that you learned from your family, from the group consciousness, what patterns are you trying to complete. Become accountable for your role as co-creator. You have the power to change these circumstances. Ask Divine Source, your guides, angels to help you resolve those patterns, so you can move into happiness and joy. Stop judging yourself or others. Learn how to see Divinity in everything and everyone including yourself. 

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“The Prosperity Program Workbook”- Sneak Peak


Welcome to The 30 Day Prosperity Program Class Manual!

 I truly believe that each and every one of us has a Divine gift or talent to share with this world. And once we find that gift and share it with the world, abundance will follow. I also believe that a lot of competition and even arguments come from us not following our Divine path. If we are out of alignment with who we are and what our gifts are, it can create anger and resentment in our lives. I wrote The 30 Day Prosperity Program to help people change their beliefs about abundance and prosperity, find their gifts, and bring in abundance through them. The abundance of this Universe is unlimited; we each have access to it, and when you take that step into your own abundance and joy, accepting your gifts and sharing them with the world, you will become a light for others. By doing so, we can change this world one person at a time.

The idea for this manual came about in December, 2012, when one of my friends and students emailed me, saying “Hey, I read your book and really like the exercises. But I don’t want to have to wait thirty days to create abundance. Can’t you create a one day workshop and help us shift those beliefs all at once?”

I thought about it for a moment. I had found throughout my life that ongoing practice of a new skill for at least a period of time really created mastery in that skill. Having been a professional classical dancer for most of my life I knew the importance of a repeat practice. Whatever we were taught in dance class, we had to do over and over again until we got it right. One of my teachers once said to me: “An amateur practices until he gets it right; a professional practices until he can’t get it wrong anymore.”

That sentence stuck with me, and I had always practiced things over and over again in order to achieve mastery in the skill I was acquiring.

In the meantime, though, I had studied many different healing modalities and I had found that sometimes, even after doing only one session with a client or doing just a small amount of shifting beliefs on myself, I could see the immediate effects—without a prolonged repetition process.

So why not create a manual that would give people a kickstart in the prosperity process? Why not help them create new thought patterns during a one day journey?

I suggest, however, that you keep coming back to some of these exercises and meditations over time, or even do the thirty day process described in the first book. Like a professional athlete trains his physical muscles through repetition and often daily practice, we have to train our muscle of prosperity by practicing our new beliefs on a regular basis.

This is how this manual came about. It has been revised a few times since the first class in January, 2013. New information and exercises were added in the course of watching my students go through their processes. I have practiced the processes with my students and found out what would get them started on that journey the quickest. Now it is your turn!

 Have fun on this journey!


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