Current Energy Forecast: CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE!


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Change, change, change!! That has been the theme of the past few months, and it is going to continue over the summer until the fall equinox.

Whoever has been attending my “Stepping into Mastery” class knows that the main thing we worked on at the beginning of the year was to become clear about what we wanted to manifest, what no longer works, what we would like to change and what direction we would like to move into.

The energies that started with the new moon on April 18 and Pluto going retrograde until September are extremely supportive in creating the changes we desire.

I am seeing it in the life of so many people around me, namely that they have been on a roller coaster of change. The universe is asking us to transform what no longer is in alignment with our true self.

The time around the summer solstice (June 21) is also the midpoint between the spring equinox (planing seeds) and the fall equinox (harvest) and therefore a great time to reflect upon what has shifted and what still needs attention.

Which seeds did you plant in the spring? What would you like to harvest in the fall? What can you nurture, attend to and increase right now in order to have the most beautiful harvest in the fall?

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Buy a Lottery Ticket!! -Or: When to take action…


(The following story is a modification of the original story)

So a person does a lot of belief work and meditation. She/he constantly changes old programming, heals old emotions, does forgiveness work and brings in new energies. And yet, he or she has not won the lottery yet.
So that persons says to the Divine: „I have done so much work on myself. Why haven’t I won the lottery yet?! It is not fair!!!“
And the answer that comes is: “You need to go out and buy a lottery ticket.“
A couple of weeks ago I had breakfast with one of my very dear friends who does similar work than I do. And she said to me: „So many of my clients have done transformational work, but they don’t take the action. Do you find that in your work as well?“

Whoever has worked with me or read one of my books knows that I have been a big fan of changing old beliefs. I think it is necessary to transform old programming or painful emotions in order for us to move forward into love, joy and abundance. If you haven’t manifested the life of your dreams yet, it might be because old beliefs are holding you back. But what is going on if nothing changes despite all the transformational work that you have done? Does that mean there are more beliefs to change? Maybe.

But it also might be a time to combine your transformational work with taking action:

Have you written that application for the new job that you’d like to manifest because your old job is not in alignment with you anymore?
Have you written that business plan that will get your project financed?
If you are calling in your Divine life partner, are you going to places where there might be a potential of meeting someone or are you hiding at home or behind a large workload at your job?
If you have outgrown your current home, are you becoming clear of where you’d like to live and have you been looking to find a new place?
If you have been working on creating a healthier body, have you done your cleanses, changed your nutrition plan and been getting enough exercise?

I have very often seen lives transformed by „just“ changing outdated unconscious beliefs. By changing our beliefs, we are changing our frequencies to a higher vibration, and better things can come to us.

Other times though it is necessary for us to take action. This can be a small thing that we can do for ourselves or a bigger step that is necessary for us to take to bring in the change we desire.

If I work with clients on self-love, I usually suggest that they do something to anchor in the new energy, no matter if it is taking quiet time for themselves to relax, lighting a candle and taking a bubble bath or just treating themselves to something nice. The same goes for the bigger things we want to anchor into our life: a new job, a new relationship and new home.

Discernment is necessary to know whether to allow things to change or if you need to take action.

If you are doing transformational work, try this: each time you do the work, write down an action you can take this week/this month that will help you anchor in the energy and manifest the new life.

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Happy Beltane!!


Growing up in a small town, I am amazed how many of the pagan traditions have survived despite the christianization of Europe. On the evening of May 1st, bonfires are lit and people come together to celebrate the beginning of May.

I always loved the community of people on Walpurgisnight (the night before Beltane) and I loved playing around the bonfires as a kid. At that time little did I know that it was part of a pagan tradition that I would study and read about a lot as an adult.

In the times of Avalon, the magic isle surrounded by the mists, these traditions were practiced even after Britain had been conquered by the Romans and any pagan traditions were prohibited.

We celebrate the equinox around March 20, the beginning of spring and the planting of the seeds. By the beginning of May, the days have already become longer. The Goddess, Gaia, has awakened and the blossoms have started to bloom.

We celebrate the coming together of the masculine and the feminine; father sky and mother earth. The Sensuality, fertility, eventually giving birth.

Couples came together to dance around the Beltane fire. Jumping over the fire was part of being cleansed from the old, dense energies. The couples would eventually retreat in order to celebrate the coming together of the male and female.

The energies of Beltane are all about manifesting. Oracles were read to predict the upcoming months.

For me, with the recent and current energetic shifts, Beltane this year is very symbolic. We went through the coming together of the masculine and feminine energies….after centuries of separation and these energies being out of balance, running bi-lateral, the masculine and feminine have re-united, they have started to move back towards balance and moving in cross over patterns.

The manifestation energies have been extremely potent and you have the chance to birth a new you. The past months have been about becoming clear, and now it is time to anchor your manifestations into the physical.

Be clear though with what you are putting out: with the manifest ion energies being extremely potent, it is important to stay positive. Keep your thoughts and words focused on your goals, keep them supportive of what you would like to manifest. Don’t allow yourself to move into negativity as that will manifest as well if that’s what you focus on. Wherever you put your energy right now will come to pass.

You can create your own Beltane ritual. Light a candle and take a moment to become quiet. Focusing on the candle, allow the cleansing energy of the fire to wash through you. Once you feel ready, visualize what you like to manifest and see it being birthed into the world.

Happy Beltane!

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Current Energetic Shifts- February 2015

sacred geometry

Wow, we have been in for quite a ride over the past week. Have you felt it? Enormous shifts have been happening over the past days. It started right around the new moon and lastet for a few days after. A bit of energetic residue is still left, but the energy is becoming lighter.

Have you felt like you were on an emotional roller coaster over the past few days? Flue like symptoms? Depression, sadness, sorrow…anger? Feelings of hopelessness and not being able to see a future? All of the above?

Don’t worry, you made it! We are just about to start coming out of the influx of energy.

There has been an immense amount of light that came in with the past new moon. We are anchoring in a new humanity and a new us. The light has brought old patterns to the surface for us to release them; it has brought up old emotions from the depths of our souls so we can heal them. It has challenged us to heal what has not been healed yet, forgive what has not been forgiven yet and release what no longer serves us.

A huge manifesting energy is being anchored in at the end of March right after the spring equinox, and we are getting ready for it. We are given the opportunity to create a new vision for our life and a new vision for this planet. But before we can fully step into that new energy, the old needs to be cleared. (I will write more about this manifesting energy in another blog and how you can get ready for it)

The influx of light has also started anchoring in a new frequency that is going to start shifting our DNA. Our DNA is literally being rewired. With that shift, people will be able to move into the higher frequencies of the 5th dimension, the frequency of unity, love and harmony and complete health. So are you surprised that your physical body has been feeling it and that your emotions have been coming to the surface?

My suggestion is to keep nurturing yourself. Take time for a hot bubble bath, go for a walk in nature (being in nature will really help you align with these new energetic frequencies), do something fun to treat yourself. Eat healthy nourishing foods so that your physical body can adjust easily as well. Do a release ritual where you let go of the old self, so that the new can come in. Keep shifting your beliefs :)

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Current Energy Forecast- Time to Manifest!


I don’t know how you are feeling, but 2014 was a year of clearing all the way down to the deepest depths. It was as if my DNA was purging all the old programs- and not just my DNA was purging, but the whole world was. It was really a time to let go of what no longer served us (old beliefs, old emotions, old structures, old jobs, the old way of doing things) so we can clear the path for the new energy to come in.

(I cleared out so much that I spent most of the holidays in December sleeping.)

But the good news is: the energy to manifest the new has come in. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have to clear here and then; but the energy to step back into our role as co-creators in this world has come in. And maybe by manifesting a beautiful future, we will be able to heal a few more things from the past :)

We have a very powerful planetary constellation coming up at the end of March, right after the spring equinox, that will help us manifest the new. That energy also asks us to redesign ourselves.

This might be the first time in a long time were you will become free to start creating your life according to your Divine Truth instead of the expectation of others. It might be the first time in a really long time where you will be free to live the real you instead of having to hide who you are: a beautiful and divine being with lots of love, gifts and talents.
Some of you might feel like you are in a state of limbo, because in the past you had to hide the true you, you might have been told what to do with your life, your life might have been pre-destined depending by your place in society or the wishes of family and ancestors.
It might be new for yourself to give yourself permission to be the divine being you are and live your life according to it. But that permission has to come from you- no one else can give it to you. You have to be the one to make these choices and to empower yourself to step into the divine you.

Questions to ask yourself are:
Who am I without the old patterns and beliefs and programs?
And what would I like to create or manifest?
How does the “new me” look like?

Really become clear about these things over the next few months, so that you can start creating this energy on the non-physical level, so it can start manifesting on the physical level and really be anchored in by April.

That particular planetary alignment also creates a crossing of the female and male energy. These energies have been moving bi-lateral for a long time which has created the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine in our world: patriarchy, control, disrespect, lack of love and understanding. The feminine and masculine are now moving back into a cross-over energy (think of the two snakes that are usually pictured in the caduceus) for the first time in a very long time. We are giving the opportunity to re-create the Divine dance between those two energies.

All the brutality we are seeing done to children and women in the world is the darkness that has been upholding those bi-lateral patterns for a long time holding on ti tis last straw. Keep clearing and sending light, please keep anchoring love onto this planet!

If you need some support , I am offering the “Stepping into Mastery” program for the next three months with the focus on these questions in order to help you gain clarity and empower yourself to step into this new energy. And of course, to help you manifest.

For more information go to my website or see our event on Facebook.

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The Secret Life of Microbes: A Suicide Note for little Rats


Now, if you read my blog yesterday, you might have gotten the first glimpse of the connection of parasites and thought forms that we think might be ours, but actually aren’t.

Now we all know, that rats avoid cats, because cats eat them- it is as simple as that. Who would throw herself in front of a predator?!

In 1994 Professor Joanne Webster started doing a series of experiments at Oxford College. She placed rats in a contained area and within that area boxes they could crawl into. In some of the boxes she placed a small bowl filled with water, in others she placed a bowl filled with cat urine. Even if a rat has never seen a cat before, they usually avoid areas where there are scents representing cats. It is a survival mechanism in their DNA.

During her experiment she recognized that certain rats would still walk into the boxes where she had placed bowls with the cat urine. They were attracted to that box and even preferred it to the one that contained water.

The scent that usually signals death or at least a death threat all of a sudden became attractive to them.

But why is that?

There is a parasite called Toxoplasma gandii. It is a parasite that multiplies in the digestive system of our kitties. Cats can only contract this parasite once in their life and during that time can pass it on to an intermediate host.

The rats in Professor Webster’s experiment who, instead of being afraid of the cat scent, were attracted by it, all were infected with that parasite. In a way the parasites were telling those rats to become the food for the kitties. Very smart.

If a parasite can create a suicide note for little rats, I wonder what I can create in our own mind.

You can find out more and even read the full report on the US National Library of Medicine Website by clicking HERE.

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The Secret Life of Microbes: Are Parasites controlling your thoughts?


When I decided on writing this “The Secret Life of Microbes” blog, I had actually intended to make it a weekly thing. But I came across such amazing information over the past couple of days, that I couldn’t wait it share it with you.

In a way you could call the next topic “mind control through parasites”. “What? That sounds crazy,” you might say. Now, here is the thing: parasites are living organisms that have their own thought forms. If you have ever done a parasite cleanse and felt like you were dying, it probably was never you feeling close to death, but those little microbes that were getting killed off and sending out the signal of “I am dying”.

I unfortunately contracted a really nasty parasite during my travels in 2012. That little bugger first started telling me what to eat (lots of sugars, yep, that’s what he wanted!). And then every time I set up an appointment with a health professional or to work on my unconscious beliefs of why I attracted this little guy in the first place (microbes will only stay in your body if you have the matching programs, but more on that later), I kept hearing “You don’t need that.”, “Everything is taken care of already”, “You’ re fine”, “Cancel the appointment.”, “You’ve been working so hard and just want to stay home and sleep”.

Luckily I knew it was the parasite talking. The parasite needed my body as a host to survive, and me doing my little cleanses, taking supplements, adjusting my diet and changing my beliefs was the best and fastest way to get him out of my body- and killed. So he was trying to do everything to prevent that from happening.

Yep, microbes are very smart and they have figured out ways to survive in our bodies. They can control their host by sending out thought forms and even creating unusual behavior in their host.

Because otherwise, why would a parasite infected rat throw herself in front of a cat to be eaten?! Ha, now I got your attention.

Read more tomorrow…I am compiling the info (including scientific research) for you.

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