Celebrate Samhain- Hallow’s Eve


What we today celebrate as Halloween used to be Samhain (pronounced sah-ween) in the Celtic traditions. Samhain is one of the eight festivals of the year and is celebrated during the night from October 31 to November 1.

Samhain signifies the end of the harvest season. The harvest has been brought in, and we are moving into the darkest time of the year. It is the time to turn within, to meditate, rejuvenate and contemplate on the things you wish to nurture.

During this time the veils between the world are very thin. We feel more connected to the Otherworld, the worlds of the ancestors and elementals.

It is the time to honor the people who have walked before us. In many traditions one would set extra chairs around the table and invite the ancestors to feast with them.

You can celebrate Samhain by creating a little altar. Pick a special place in your house and decorate it with candles and place items on it such as apples, pumpkins, grains and other things that signify the harvest season.

Light the candles. Close your eyes and go into a quiet space. Connect to your ancestors, the ones who have walked the path before you. Ask for guidance, clarity, and wisdom. See what they have to tell you.

When you are done, thank your ancestors before they leave. You may want to have a notebook next to you so you can write down any insights you may have received.

Fire Ceremony - Lifestyle Shot Herbal mixes to celebrate the seasons by Golden Age Worldwide

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Super-duper full moon today….current energies!!


Have you been feeling really tired over the past few days? Have you been unable to think clearly? Or process information?

Well, then you are probably not the only one.

I myself usually like to do some reading in my free time, but over the last few days I have not been able to read a book or absorb any new information.

It started last weekend, and very intensely on Saturday afternoon. And even though the full moon was not until today, we already felt its intensity a few days back. Remember the mercury retrograde in September? And how many of us felt the retrograde days before it started? It is the same with this powerful full moon.

So what is going on? Why has it been so intense?

Well, we are going through another tremendous upgrade process. Over the last years and especially the last months, out DNA has received many upgrades in order to adjust to the 5th dimensional frequency. This process has recently been very focused on our physical body.

Not we are turning to the mental body. The mental body contains our thought forms. It has been storing thought forms from the group consciousness, as well as your own thoughts that have been defining your reality. If you are a very sensitive person, your mental body will most likely contain thought forms from the people around you as well.

The current full moon brings in a powerful energy to clear the mental body. As it is clearing, we might feel foggy headed, unclear and very tired. It is the old thought forms leaving our system.

Clearing old and outdated thoughts is an important process to bring in new information and to reawaken ancient knowledge that you might have not been able to access for many lifetimes.

Take time today and tomorrow to meditate. Don’t fill your field with new information, but go into stillness and allow the clearing to happen, so you can then move into clarity.

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A little Meditation to adjust to the current Frequency Shifts


We have been through a whole lot this past month: solar flares, light portals, frequency shifts, lunar eclipses, fall equinox, mercury retrograde…wait, am I forgetting something? It has been the Bermuda triangle of energies over the past few weeks and most people I have spoken to have been feeling it.

Here is a short meditation that will help you recover, but also align yourself.

Sit quietly, close your eyes, center yourself in your heart chakra. Breathe in and out through your heart, on the exhale visualizing green light floating into your heart center, inhaling the energy of love, peace and bliss. On the exhale let go of anything that worries or concerns, you, let go of any kind of stress. Repeat the heart chakra breath a few times.

Then place your attention on your crown chakra. Visualize a beam of light floating in through your crown; this is the energy of Divine Love. On the inhale, see how that light is getting bigger, brighter and stronger and on the exhale feel it flowing into your physical and non-physical bodies. Repeat that breath a few times.

Then see the energy field around you like a balloon and yourself inside. Expand that energy field into the Oneness of Creation. Feel that oneness for a moment.

Then place your attention on your heart chakra and through your heart chakra connect to your DNA. You can do that by visualizing that you are stepping through your heart center into your physical body and are going down a slide (I always see it like a water slide) until you get to the core of your DNA. You might want to invite the angels, ascended masters or any other spirit guides you enjoy working with to join you.

Feel your DNA. Is there any old residue energy around your DNA? Does your DNA’s vibration feel tired, low? Does your DNA resonate at a 3rd or 4th dimensional energy still? Whatever you feel or witness, allow the old energy to be released, allow your DNA to be cleansed until it becomes bright and shiny. You will know when it feels complete. Again, you might ask your angels or guides to help you with that process.

Then tune it. What does the 5th dimensional frequency feel like to you? Maybe you hear a sound or see a color or it might just be a specific feeling. Allow that frequency to float into your DNA, so that your DNA can start vibrating at the 5th dimensional energy. Feel that energy throughout your whole body.

Take a few moments to allow that new energy to anchor in and whenever you are ready, open up your eyes.

(Text from “Stepping into Mastery”, copyright Avalon Healing. Image by Kagaya.)

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Mabon: The Abundance of the Equinox


Mabon is the Welsh name for the Autumn Equinox which falls on September 23 this year.

Mabon marks the end of the summer. It is the season of harvest, of bringing in the fruits that have grown over the summer. On the day of the equinox, light and dark are in equal balance and Nature invites us to bring into balance that which is within us. We are moving into the season where the nights are getting longer, the days are getting shorter, into the season where we draw inward.

Here is a small ritual for you to celebrate the harvest season and call in the abundance of the equinox. You will need a pen, two pieces of paper, a candle and some incense and a fire pit or fireproof container.

For a moment, get still. Create sacred space by lighting a candle and burning the incense.

Find a quiet space for yourself, get comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breath. On the inhale, visualize light coming into your body and on the exhale visualize that light going out into the world.

Looking back at the past months, take inventory:

What are you ready to let go in order to move into the abundance of the harvest season? What has shifted over the past months?
Which seeds that you planted in the spring have come to fruition?
Which seeds need some more nurturing?
What are you ready to harvest?

Once you have clarity, open your eyes. Take one piece of paper and on the top write down “LETTING GO”. List anything that you would like to let go of. This can be anything on the physical level, or old habits or patterns, or even old pain. Add as much to the list as you would like to. Keep adding until you feel complete.

On the second piece of paper write down “GRATITUDE FOR THE HARVEST”.
Make a list of all the beautiful things that have come to you this year. You may also list things that you have called in, but that haven’t manifested physically yet. Staying in a space of gratitude for the things that have come to fruition and for the things that you are calling in, will expand your abundance consciousness and send a signal of gratitude and receptiveness to the Universe. Keep writing until you feel complete and remember, there’s no limit for what you can manifest!

Once you are done, roll up the two pieces of paper and light them, placing them into your fire pit or fireproof container. As the smoke rises up, visualize everything old that has been blocking you leaving you, and visualize everything abundant that has manifested in your life increasing. I usually like to place sacred herbs into the fire to bless this ceremony.

Thank the Divine, your Angels and Spirit Guides for all the gifts you have received!!

Here is a website where you can order sacred herbs for the fire ceremonies of the different festivals: http://www.goldenageworldwide.com
All herbs are fair trade, and organic or wild harvested.

(Image credit: Anne Stokes)

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Current Energy Forecast: A Rollercoaster of Upgrades!!


Have you been feeling like you’ve been on a roller coaster for the past few weeks? Things are going up and down, high and low. One day is great, the next one is challenging? One day you have a lot of energy and inspiration, and the next day you feel like staying in bed all day?

Well, it is no wonder. September is an energetically intense month. We just had a super new moon a couple of days ago, mercury just went into retrograde, the fall equinox is right around the corner and all throughout this month light portals have been bringing in a influx of the higher vibrational energies. But that’s not all: the earth is getting a frequency upgrade, and we have been feeling this.

So what is this frequency upgrade about?

Let’s go back to the Golden Age of Atlantis, before 7,000 B.C. At that time we were living in what is called the Golden Age. People lived in harmony with each other and all of creation; there was a balance between the Divine feminine and masculine. There was peace and mutual support in the communities. People were strongly connected to Source. They knew their gifts and lived them.

Many things happened preceding what I call the end days of Atlantis. I am not going to go into detail in this article. The main thing was that the energy shifted. The peace and harmony within the communities vanished, the balance between the Divine masculine and feminine tilted and a struggle for control and power started which eventually let to the fall and the sinking of Atlantis.

Mother Earth has an energy field around herself the same way us humans do. During the Golden Age, this energy field vibrated at a much higher frequency. The same way as the frequency in our human DNA and our energy field was lowered, so was the energy of Gaia. This lower vibration has lasted for about 9,000 years.

But as we are moving back to the New Golden Age, the frequency of Gaia has been shifting. We have reached a level of energetic vibration on this planet that will now allow Gaia to return to the 5th dimensional frequency she had back in the Golden Age. This is what is happening this month: we are taking a huge leap in frequency shifts. It is the biggest leap we have experienced so far and it will help to anchor back the 5th dimensional energy of the Golden Age.

This frequency shift is also asking us to return to the 5th dimensional frequencies within ourselves. May it be on the physical level by taking care of our bodies through exercise, healthier foods, rest or eliminating toxins from our environment; or on the spiritual level by letting go what no longer serves us, letting go of unforgiveness, pain, suffering or sacrifice.

The best time to go through this period is to get enough rest, to take time to meditate, go out and connect with nature. The fall equinox is this Saturday and it is a great time for a fire ceremony (will post some ideas for it later). Make sure to take care of yourself. But also be assured that once we have gone through these upgrades, we will be able to operate from a much higher level of love, peace and joy!!

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Current Energy Forecast: CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE!


Reposting from my latest newsletter!

Change, change, change!! That has been the theme of the past few months, and it is going to continue over the summer until the fall equinox.

Whoever has been attending my “Stepping into Mastery” class knows that the main thing we worked on at the beginning of the year was to become clear about what we wanted to manifest, what no longer works, what we would like to change and what direction we would like to move into.

The energies that started with the new moon on April 18 and Pluto going retrograde until September are extremely supportive in creating the changes we desire.

I am seeing it in the life of so many people around me, namely that they have been on a roller coaster of change. The universe is asking us to transform what no longer is in alignment with our true self.

The time around the summer solstice (June 21) is also the midpoint between the spring equinox (planing seeds) and the fall equinox (harvest) and therefore a great time to reflect upon what has shifted and what still needs attention.

Which seeds did you plant in the spring? What would you like to harvest in the fall? What can you nurture, attend to and increase right now in order to have the most beautiful harvest in the fall?

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Buy a Lottery Ticket!! -Or: When to take action…


(The following story is a modification of the original story)

So a person does a lot of belief work and meditation. She/he constantly changes old programming, heals old emotions, does forgiveness work and brings in new energies. And yet, he or she has not won the lottery yet.
So that persons says to the Divine: „I have done so much work on myself. Why haven’t I won the lottery yet?! It is not fair!!!“
And the answer that comes is: “You need to go out and buy a lottery ticket.“
A couple of weeks ago I had breakfast with one of my very dear friends who does similar work than I do. And she said to me: „So many of my clients have done transformational work, but they don’t take the action. Do you find that in your work as well?“

Whoever has worked with me or read one of my books knows that I have been a big fan of changing old beliefs. I think it is necessary to transform old programming or painful emotions in order for us to move forward into love, joy and abundance. If you haven’t manifested the life of your dreams yet, it might be because old beliefs are holding you back. But what is going on if nothing changes despite all the transformational work that you have done? Does that mean there are more beliefs to change? Maybe.

But it also might be a time to combine your transformational work with taking action:

Have you written that application for the new job that you’d like to manifest because your old job is not in alignment with you anymore?
Have you written that business plan that will get your project financed?
If you are calling in your Divine life partner, are you going to places where there might be a potential of meeting someone or are you hiding at home or behind a large workload at your job?
If you have outgrown your current home, are you becoming clear of where you’d like to live and have you been looking to find a new place?
If you have been working on creating a healthier body, have you done your cleanses, changed your nutrition plan and been getting enough exercise?

I have very often seen lives transformed by „just“ changing outdated unconscious beliefs. By changing our beliefs, we are changing our frequencies to a higher vibration, and better things can come to us.

Other times though it is necessary for us to take action. This can be a small thing that we can do for ourselves or a bigger step that is necessary for us to take to bring in the change we desire.

If I work with clients on self-love, I usually suggest that they do something to anchor in the new energy, no matter if it is taking quiet time for themselves to relax, lighting a candle and taking a bubble bath or just treating themselves to something nice. The same goes for the bigger things we want to anchor into our life: a new job, a new relationship and new home.

Discernment is necessary to know whether to allow things to change or if you need to take action.

If you are doing transformational work, try this: each time you do the work, write down an action you can take this week/this month that will help you anchor in the energy and manifest the new life.

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