Becoming accountable


I remember how excited I was the first time I saw the movie “The Secret”. The message was loud and clear: you can create anything with your thoughts! Our reality- or what it is that we perceive as our reality- has been created by our thoughts, the conscious as well as the unconscious ones, the positive as well as the negative ones (I am going into separating negative and positive over here to keep it simple, although I usually like to stay away from the judgement of positive and negative since all is creation). Some of these thought patterns we are very conscious of, some of them are unconscious. 

For the past years I have learned to look at life from the perspective of co-creation. And that whatever I think (or whatever I have thought in the past) will represent itself in my life as my reality. I have done loads of belief work on myself. Finding and changing and resolving unconscious beliefs, emotions, lessons, oaths, commitments and finalizing what we would call Karma. 

I remember when I first started doing this work. I would meet up with friends of mine once or twice a week and we would look at what is was that we wanted to change in our lives. What was going on in our “reality” that no longer served us and that needed to be changed. Sometimes we would show up at each other’s houses and something had happened the day of, the day before or an hour before. We would be upset and complain. We would allow ourselves a few minutes of time to vent. To let out the anger or upset. But then we would say, “Ok, let’s take a look at what created this. And let’s change the beliefs so we are done with this pattern.” And so we did.

i have worked on many issues like that over the years. No matter if it was a financial issue, problems at the job, relationships and things like colds or sciatica pain, I started looking at why I created that. What, on a conscious or unconscious level, did attract that situation? 

Energetically it is time for us to step into our accountability and start looking at our lives from a point of co-creation. Every single one of us has the power to change their reality by changing their thought patterns.

Too often have we moved into the role of victim and complained why people are doing things to us. Why we are being hurt, betrayed, abandoned, why no one loves us the way we are or supports us without an ulterior motive. Why is it that we are sick, why our finances are not working out or why we have to work a job we don’t like?

I have found that no one is doing anything to us without our permission. We are not stuck or unloved because the world is cruel, but because on some level (and it might be deeply unconscious) we have a program running that is attracting these circumstances or people. Before we were born our soul chose to learn certain lessons, but once we are in physical form we usually forget what these lessons are, we forget the agreements with made with other souls to teach each other (even if it is in a painful manner) and we forget how powerful of a co-creator we really are. 

I invite you that the next time you experience a negative situation take a look at what you are learning, what unconscious programs you might be running, what was it that you learned from your family, from the group consciousness, what patterns are you trying to complete. Become accountable for your role as co-creator. You have the power to change these circumstances. Ask Divine Source, your guides, angels to help you resolve those patterns, so you can move into happiness and joy. Stop judging yourself or others. Learn how to see Divinity in everything and everyone including yourself. 


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