What the heck is going on? Current energy shifts!!


Most of you (if not all of you) who are reading my blog are sensitive to energies, are empathic and can feel when shifts are happening. So you might have felt something similar to, I would call it, a volcanic explosion, especially over the past ten days.

If you’re following other blogs on the internet you might be aware of the portal opening that happened last week and the cardinal cross that happened this week. There’s more portal openings and interesting stellar constellations going over the next weeks, so get ready.

But why is the current energy so explosive?

I don’t know about you, but I have not seen that many car accidents and heard that many sirens for a long time as I’ve witnessed over the last days. Clients and friends of mine have reported that they haven’t felt like themselves for days now.

So here’s what I have been shown:

With the current energies (no matter is it is the opening of certain portals or stellar constellations) the throat chakra of this universe has been re-opened. It had been closed for a long time. As you might know, the throat chakra stands for our expressiveness, expressing the truth of who we are, feeling safe to express our emotions, expressing our creative spark….. But over centuries and even millennia we have not been able to do so fully and completely.

With the way our world has been set up it wasn’t safe for us. Many of us have memories of lifetimes where we got killed, punished, ridiculed or persecuted for speaking our truth. Men were taught that is is weak to show emotions. We were taught that is it not socially acceptable to express our anger. We learned that we need to live up to the expectations of others, confirm to the norm of society or group consciousness, be a “good boy” or “good girl” in order to be loved instead of being encouraged to follow our dreams. All these energies and circumstances have contributed to the closing of our throat chakras.

And now imagine, all these unexpressed dreams, emotions and truths that have been stuffed down for millennia coming to the surface with the re-opening of the universal throat chakra. That is the explosiveness that you’ve been feeling. Anger that you were unable to express because it wasn’t safe or appropriate is now coming up. Frustration and pain about not being able in the past to express who we truly are is surfacing. Even love that we were unable to live or express and the pain associated with not having lived  love the way we might have wanted to is part of all this explosion. 

But let’s not go into judgement about this as everything is already perfect. The experiences we have or had were all a part of the evolutionary learning of our soul in the construct of what we call duality. As we are moving back into unity consciousness it is now time to finish these learnings and move back into expressing the Divinity of our souls.

If we were forced to stuff down our emotions for so long, we are now feeling liberated and are slowly moving into the safety of expressing ourselves. In that process we might be over correcting a bit. Instead of expressing anger with love, we might feel like we want to scream. 

The best thing to do at the moment though is to first stay grounded. Tune in to your connection with Gaia. Feel the grounding cords underneath your feet and feel into the loving energy of Mother Earth. 

Then tune into the energy of your body and chakras. Where is that old residue stored (besides the throat chakra)? Ask your guardian angels, spirit guides or divine source to heal those wounds, to release those stored emotions (especially the pain) and fill it with love. You might also want to humm and with that sound heal the memories of those experiences. 

Third of all, you might be aware of what is going on, but not everybody in the world is. And you, as an empathic being, might be feeling and even taking on the emotions, especially the pain, that has been surfacing. Throughout the day, it is important to check in that you are impervious to everyone else’s “release”, as I would call it. That you learn to discern between what’s yours and what’s someone else’s. Surround yourself with a ball of white light. Ask your angels or divine source to protect you. Start tuning into the energy of the people you come across so that your system learns discernment between your energy and other people’s energy. 

And most of all, take care of yourself. Make sure you create a sacred space for yourself where you have some quiet time, to do things to nurture your soul and play or create. Connect with nature. Learn how to love yourself.



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5 Responses to What the heck is going on? Current energy shifts!!

  1. Mamta Honnavar says:

    Wow its truly amazing. Thank You

  2. Great info, from a great healer. Stay well and may the energy be with you.

  3. Beautifully explained. xoxo

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