Ancient Wisdom Series: Moon Cycles

20140613-174231-63751066.jpgIt has been amazing to me how much wisdom has been resurfacing over the past years. One of the centers I teach at twice a year also has a book store and I am always blown away when the owner tells me how much new titles have come out on the market since my last visit.

One of the wisdoms I have been working with for years is the energy of the moon cycle. Many of that knowledge has been forgotten, but it is now resurfacing more and more. I think I came across it the first time in the late 1990s.

We have watched the moon influence the tides. If you are a surfer here in California, you will probably have your surf calendar that tells you the best tides according to the moon.

And now think about it: the water content of our bodies is a good 75%-plus/minus. So if the moon can influence the tides, it for sure can influence the water in our bodies.

Coming from a small town in Europe, a lot of the knowledge about working in alignment with the moon has been preserved. People would cut down trees for fire wood use during a cycle where the truest stores less water, so that the wood had a better burn quality; they’d cut down trees for building during times when the tress stored more water, so it would be safer to build and the chance of a fire would be less likely.

If you cut your hair when the moon passes through Leo or Virgo, your hair will become stringer and thicker. You shouldn’t have a dental surgery on days when the moon passes through Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. It is more beneficial to have dental treatments during a waning moon phase.

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I made sure it was on a day that made it easy according to the moon cycle. Guess what, two hours after the surgery I was eating English muffins. No swelling, no pain!

The waning moon cycle is associated with anything that you’d like to get rid of: spring clean (get rid of clutter), cleanse (get rid of toxins or extra weight), releasing old habits. The waxing moon is a great time to bring in new energy, start new projects, do anything to rejuvenate your body.

If you’re getting a massage to detox your body, then make the appointment during a waning moon phase; if you’d like to receive a message as a way to rejuvenate, then plan to have it during a waxing moon cycle.

Tip for today: we have a full moon is Sagittarius today. A great time to start a cleanse. Take 1-2 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water right before you go to bed. Do that for one week every night before you go to sleep. It will detox and also Alkalize your body.



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