The 12 Sacred Nights

main The time around the winter solstice, christmas and new years has always been a magical time. Many of the pagan traditions in Europe have continued despite or throughout christianization.

Some people start celebrating the twelve sacred nights with the winter’s solstice; others the day after christmas eve. It has been said that during that time the veils between the worlds are the thinnest out of the whole year. It is a wonderful time to connect to departed loved ones, the spirit world and the elementals/ nature spirits. It is a great time to set intentions for the coming year. Or to ask the oracle to show us what to expect for the new year.

Each one of these nights also symbolizes a month in the coming up calendar year. If you were to start the twelve sacred nights on the night from December 24 to the 25th, then December 25 will symbolize January of the coming year, December 26 will symbolize February of the coming year….and so on.

Here are a few rituals that you can do during this special time.

Each day pull an oracle or tarot card. The card of the day will symbolize what to expect for that particular month in the next year. Again, the card you pull on December 25 will symbolize what to expect in January, the card you pull on December 26 will symbolize what to expect in February, and so forth.

Each day, take a few moments to be quiet and ask yourself: what is it that I would like to bring in during the next year? What has worked in the past year? What do I want to continue? What do I want to let go of, shift, or manifest?

You could also do a short meditation each day (again connect each day with a month of the following year) contemplating what you would like to bring forth each month. This helps you to take baby steps towards bigger goals and gives you clarity about where you would like your life to go.

The energy is very magical during those days, and you will be surprised how many f the things you visualize will actually manifest. It might also be fun to keep a journal during those daily meditations and takes notes. And then in a year from now look at your notes and see what has shifted.

The main things is to take time for yourself, go within and enjoy the magic!


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