Current Energy Forecast- Time to Manifest!


I don’t know how you are feeling, but 2014 was a year of clearing all the way down to the deepest depths. It was as if my DNA was purging all the old programs- and not just my DNA was purging, but the whole world was. It was really a time to let go of what no longer served us (old beliefs, old emotions, old structures, old jobs, the old way of doing things) so we can clear the path for the new energy to come in.

(I cleared out so much that I spent most of the holidays in December sleeping.)

But the good news is: the energy to manifest the new has come in. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have to clear here and then; but the energy to step back into our role as co-creators in this world has come in. And maybe by manifesting a beautiful future, we will be able to heal a few more things from the past 🙂

We have a very powerful planetary constellation coming up at the end of March, right after the spring equinox, that will help us manifest the new. That energy also asks us to redesign ourselves.

This might be the first time in a long time were you will become free to start creating your life according to your Divine Truth instead of the expectation of others. It might be the first time in a really long time where you will be free to live the real you instead of having to hide who you are: a beautiful and divine being with lots of love, gifts and talents.
Some of you might feel like you are in a state of limbo, because in the past you had to hide the true you, you might have been told what to do with your life, your life might have been pre-destined depending by your place in society or the wishes of family and ancestors.
It might be new for yourself to give yourself permission to be the divine being you are and live your life according to it. But that permission has to come from you- no one else can give it to you. You have to be the one to make these choices and to empower yourself to step into the divine you.

Questions to ask yourself are:
Who am I without the old patterns and beliefs and programs?
And what would I like to create or manifest?
How does the “new me” look like?

Really become clear about these things over the next few months, so that you can start creating this energy on the non-physical level, so it can start manifesting on the physical level and really be anchored in by April.

That particular planetary alignment also creates a crossing of the female and male energy. These energies have been moving bi-lateral for a long time which has created the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine in our world: patriarchy, control, disrespect, lack of love and understanding. The feminine and masculine are now moving back into a cross-over energy (think of the two snakes that are usually pictured in the caduceus) for the first time in a very long time. We are giving the opportunity to re-create the Divine dance between those two energies.

All the brutality we are seeing done to children and women in the world is the darkness that has been upholding those bi-lateral patterns for a long time holding on ti tis last straw. Keep clearing and sending light, please keep anchoring love onto this planet!

If you need some support , I am offering the “Stepping into Mastery” program for the next three months with the focus on these questions in order to help you gain clarity and empower yourself to step into this new energy. And of course, to help you manifest.

For more information go to my website or see our event on Facebook.


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