Current Energetic Shifts- February 2015

sacred geometry

Wow, we have been in for quite a ride over the past week. Have you felt it? Enormous shifts have been happening over the past days. It started right around the new moon and lastet for a few days after. A bit of energetic residue is still left, but the energy is becoming lighter.

Have you felt like you were on an emotional roller coaster over the past few days? Flue like symptoms? Depression, sadness, sorrow…anger? Feelings of hopelessness and not being able to see a future? All of the above?

Don’t worry, you made it! We are just about to start coming out of the influx of energy.

There has been an immense amount of light that came in with the past new moon. We are anchoring in a new humanity and a new us. The light has brought old patterns to the surface for us to release them; it has brought up old emotions from the depths of our souls so we can heal them. It has challenged us to heal what has not been healed yet, forgive what has not been forgiven yet and release what no longer serves us.

A huge manifesting energy is being anchored in at the end of March right after the spring equinox, and we are getting ready for it. We are given the opportunity to create a new vision for our life and a new vision for this planet. But before we can fully step into that new energy, the old needs to be cleared. (I will write more about this manifesting energy in another blog and how you can get ready for it)

The influx of light has also started anchoring in a new frequency that is going to start shifting our DNA. Our DNA is literally being rewired. With that shift, people will be able to move into the higher frequencies of the 5th dimension, the frequency of unity, love and harmony and complete health. So are you surprised that your physical body has been feeling it and that your emotions have been coming to the surface?

My suggestion is to keep nurturing yourself. Take time for a hot bubble bath, go for a walk in nature (being in nature will really help you align with these new energetic frequencies), do something fun to treat yourself. Eat healthy nourishing foods so that your physical body can adjust easily as well. Do a release ritual where you let go of the old self, so that the new can come in. Keep shifting your beliefs 🙂


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