Happy Beltane!!


Growing up in a small town, I am amazed how many of the pagan traditions have survived despite the christianization of Europe. On the evening of May 1st, bonfires are lit and people come together to celebrate the beginning of May.

I always loved the community of people on Walpurgisnight (the night before Beltane) and I loved playing around the bonfires as a kid. At that time little did I know that it was part of a pagan tradition that I would study and read about a lot as an adult.

In the times of Avalon, the magic isle surrounded by the mists, these traditions were practiced even after Britain had been conquered by the Romans and any pagan traditions were prohibited.

We celebrate the equinox around March 20, the beginning of spring and the planting of the seeds. By the beginning of May, the days have already become longer. The Goddess, Gaia, has awakened and the blossoms have started to bloom.

We celebrate the coming together of the masculine and the feminine; father sky and mother earth. The Sensuality, fertility, eventually giving birth.

Couples came together to dance around the Beltane fire. Jumping over the fire was part of being cleansed from the old, dense energies. The couples would eventually retreat in order to celebrate the coming together of the male and female.

The energies of Beltane are all about manifesting. Oracles were read to predict the upcoming months.

For me, with the recent and current energetic shifts, Beltane this year is very symbolic. We went through the coming together of the masculine and feminine energies….after centuries of separation and these energies being out of balance, running bi-lateral, the masculine and feminine have re-united, they have started to move back towards balance and moving in cross over patterns.

The manifestation energies have been extremely potent and you have the chance to birth a new you. The past months have been about becoming clear, and now it is time to anchor your manifestations into the physical.

Be clear though with what you are putting out: with the manifest ion energies being extremely potent, it is important to stay positive. Keep your thoughts and words focused on your goals, keep them supportive of what you would like to manifest. Don’t allow yourself to move into negativity as that will manifest as well if that’s what you focus on. Wherever you put your energy right now will come to pass.

You can create your own Beltane ritual. Light a candle and take a moment to become quiet. Focusing on the candle, allow the cleansing energy of the fire to wash through you. Once you feel ready, visualize what you like to manifest and see it being birthed into the world.

Happy Beltane!


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