Buy a Lottery Ticket!! -Or: When to take action…


(The following story is a modification of the original story)

So a person does a lot of belief work and meditation. She/he constantly changes old programming, heals old emotions, does forgiveness work and brings in new energies. And yet, he or she has not won the lottery yet.
So that persons says to the Divine: „I have done so much work on myself. Why haven’t I won the lottery yet?! It is not fair!!!“
And the answer that comes is: “You need to go out and buy a lottery ticket.“
A couple of weeks ago I had breakfast with one of my very dear friends who does similar work than I do. And she said to me: „So many of my clients have done transformational work, but they don’t take the action. Do you find that in your work as well?“

Whoever has worked with me or read one of my books knows that I have been a big fan of changing old beliefs. I think it is necessary to transform old programming or painful emotions in order for us to move forward into love, joy and abundance. If you haven’t manifested the life of your dreams yet, it might be because old beliefs are holding you back. But what is going on if nothing changes despite all the transformational work that you have done? Does that mean there are more beliefs to change? Maybe.

But it also might be a time to combine your transformational work with taking action:

Have you written that application for the new job that you’d like to manifest because your old job is not in alignment with you anymore?
Have you written that business plan that will get your project financed?
If you are calling in your Divine life partner, are you going to places where there might be a potential of meeting someone or are you hiding at home or behind a large workload at your job?
If you have outgrown your current home, are you becoming clear of where you’d like to live and have you been looking to find a new place?
If you have been working on creating a healthier body, have you done your cleanses, changed your nutrition plan and been getting enough exercise?

I have very often seen lives transformed by „just“ changing outdated unconscious beliefs. By changing our beliefs, we are changing our frequencies to a higher vibration, and better things can come to us.

Other times though it is necessary for us to take action. This can be a small thing that we can do for ourselves or a bigger step that is necessary for us to take to bring in the change we desire.

If I work with clients on self-love, I usually suggest that they do something to anchor in the new energy, no matter if it is taking quiet time for themselves to relax, lighting a candle and taking a bubble bath or just treating themselves to something nice. The same goes for the bigger things we want to anchor into our life: a new job, a new relationship and new home.

Discernment is necessary to know whether to allow things to change or if you need to take action.

If you are doing transformational work, try this: each time you do the work, write down an action you can take this week/this month that will help you anchor in the energy and manifest the new life.


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