Current Energy Forecast: CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE!


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Change, change, change!! That has been the theme of the past few months, and it is going to continue over the summer until the fall equinox.

Whoever has been attending my “Stepping into Mastery” class knows that the main thing we worked on at the beginning of the year was to become clear about what we wanted to manifest, what no longer works, what we would like to change and what direction we would like to move into.

The energies that started with the new moon on April 18 and Pluto going retrograde until September are extremely supportive in creating the changes we desire.

I am seeing it in the life of so many people around me, namely that they have been on a roller coaster of change. The universe is asking us to transform what no longer is in alignment with our true self.

The time around the summer solstice (June 21) is also the midpoint between the spring equinox (planing seeds) and the fall equinox (harvest) and therefore a great time to reflect upon what has shifted and what still needs attention.

Which seeds did you plant in the spring? What would you like to harvest in the fall? What can you nurture, attend to and increase right now in order to have the most beautiful harvest in the fall?


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