Mabon: The Abundance of the Equinox


Mabon is the Welsh name for the Autumn Equinox which falls on September 23 this year.

Mabon marks the end of the summer. It is the season of harvest, of bringing in the fruits that have grown over the summer. On the day of the equinox, light and dark are in equal balance and Nature invites us to bring into balance that which is within us. We are moving into the season where the nights are getting longer, the days are getting shorter, into the season where we draw inward.

Here is a small ritual for you to celebrate the harvest season and call in the abundance of the equinox. You will need a pen, two pieces of paper, a candle and some incense and a fire pit or fireproof container.

For a moment, get still. Create sacred space by lighting a candle and burning the incense.

Find a quiet space for yourself, get comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breath. On the inhale, visualize light coming into your body and on the exhale visualize that light going out into the world.

Looking back at the past months, take inventory:

What are you ready to let go in order to move into the abundance of the harvest season? What has shifted over the past months?
Which seeds that you planted in the spring have come to fruition?
Which seeds need some more nurturing?
What are you ready to harvest?

Once you have clarity, open your eyes. Take one piece of paper and on the top write down “LETTING GO”. List anything that you would like to let go of. This can be anything on the physical level, or old habits or patterns, or even old pain. Add as much to the list as you would like to. Keep adding until you feel complete.

On the second piece of paper write down “GRATITUDE FOR THE HARVEST”.
Make a list of all the beautiful things that have come to you this year. You may also list things that you have called in, but that haven’t manifested physically yet. Staying in a space of gratitude for the things that have come to fruition and for the things that you are calling in, will expand your abundance consciousness and send a signal of gratitude and receptiveness to the Universe. Keep writing until you feel complete and remember, there’s no limit for what you can manifest!

Once you are done, roll up the two pieces of paper and light them, placing them into your fire pit or fireproof container. As the smoke rises up, visualize everything old that has been blocking you leaving you, and visualize everything abundant that has manifested in your life increasing. I usually like to place sacred herbs into the fire to bless this ceremony.

Thank the Divine, your Angels and Spirit Guides for all the gifts you have received!!

Here is a website where you can order sacred herbs for the fire ceremonies of the different festivals:
All herbs are fair trade, and organic or wild harvested.

(Image credit: Anne Stokes)


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