Super-duper full moon today….current energies!!


Have you been feeling really tired over the past few days? Have you been unable to think clearly? Or process information?

Well, then you are probably not the only one.

I myself usually like to do some reading in my free time, but over the last few days I have not been able to read a book or absorb any new information.

It started last weekend, and very intensely on Saturday afternoon. And even though the full moon was not until today, we already felt its intensity a few days back. Remember the mercury retrograde in September? And how many of us felt the retrograde days before it started? It is the same with this powerful full moon.

So what is going on? Why has it been so intense?

Well, we are going through another tremendous upgrade process. Over the last years and especially the last months, out DNA has received many upgrades in order to adjust to the 5th dimensional frequency. This process has recently been very focused on our physical body.

Not we are turning to the mental body. The mental body contains our thought forms. It has been storing thought forms from the group consciousness, as well as your own thoughts that have been defining your reality. If you are a very sensitive person, your mental body will most likely contain thought forms from the people around you as well.

The current full moon brings in a powerful energy to clear the mental body. As it is clearing, we might feel foggy headed, unclear and very tired. It is the old thought forms leaving our system.

Clearing old and outdated thoughts is an important process to bring in new information and to reawaken ancient knowledge that you might have not been able to access for many lifetimes.

Take time today and tomorrow to meditate. Don’t fill your field with new information, but go into stillness and allow the clearing to happen, so you can then move into clarity.


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